Sunday, May 11, 2008

A theory of gratification, and the pained american psyche, leading to excess culture

When we were not as evolved as we are now as a species we lived subsistence lifestyles. Often very difficult ones. So we would spend our days eeking out life on meager means. So a natural feeling of gratification emerged as a human emotion when we suceeded at existing. Mainly being that of finding food, water, and companionship.
Well now we don't have to exist by meager means any more in most of america. So we don't have that natural gratification of human needs system in place any more. I believe this leads to many human "issues"
1-overeating as an example we are designed to feel gratification when we find food and eat it. It is natural to feel gratifued when one finds fuel to sustain life. So when we overeat it is when we keep trying to attain gratification for finding fuel. But when we constantly have that fuel without any difficulty it creates a paradox within the brain. We overeat to try to achieve gratification and the more we eat the less gratified we get. So we get "depressed" and begin to look for gratification...

Other activities can be substituted for overeating.
Overworking, drinking, sexing, videogame addiction, gambling.

This leads to the conclusion that excess begets excess.

And I believe on a large scale such as in american society it has led us to the very cusp implosion on many different levels.
But of course this is just a theory
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AlpineButterfly said...

Man... I thought all the sexing was so I could get exercise... you've burst my bubble, sniff!!